About The Artist

My name is Kieran L Thompson; I’m also known as Kytri to most of the internet and a significant number of my friends. I’m a transgender man and  live in Raleigh, North Carolina. As of this writing I’m 39 years old.

Generally I’m kind of a shy person and don’t like talking about myself much.  I can also be emailed at kieran@kytri.net . I cannot promise I will respond to everyone but I will do my best.

I do use some social medias but seeing as the popular ones may change I use a linktree page to organize my current links. You can find the linktree at https://linktr.ee/kytri

Fanwork Policy:

I get asked about this from time to time so I figured I’d slot it in here. If you’d like to make fanart, fanfiction, cosplay or whatever else based on my original comic work you have my full permission.  You do not need to contact me for permission, though I might like to see what you make. I am involved in fandom spaces myself and am extremely pro transformative works.

Art Usage:

If you would like to use my existing art for any purpose please contact me at kieran@kytri.net and ask. I’m generally comfortable with most usages provided I’m credited properly, however some of my art has been done for other people and I do not have the ability to grant permission. I may also deny permission for personal reasons. For example as a transgender person I would not like my art being used to promote a cause that seeks to harm trans people.

Work for Hire:

If you are an individual and would like a personal commission you can check my commissions for sale at commiss.io If you would like to contact me ahead of time you may email kieran@kytri.net with the word commission in the subject line, or via social media if I’ve already granted access for you to contact me that way. I currently only accept payment through commiss.io.

If you are a business or otherwise need the reproduction rights to the artwork I would make for you please contact me directly at kieran@kytri.net and describe what you need and when you need it. I do charge differently for professional freelance than I do for personal commissions.