I’ve been doing webcomics since I was a teenager and have amassed a bit of an archive. Everything here is free to read online or to download, but if you enjoy my work and would like to help me continue to make comics I have a Patreon account here.

Crypts and Cantrips is a fantasy adventure comic heavily inspired by D&D and similar tabletop RPGs. It follows a young dark elf with some basic magical ability and without much life experience and the adventurers he comes to travel with.

This Is the Worst Idea You’ve Ever Had! (Or TWIYEH for short) is an urban fantasy comic about a group of 20-somethings living in a college town that also happens to be a hotbed for magical phenomena.  It ran from 2010 to 2019 and is complete.

Sin Pararse is a prequel comic about some of the secondary characters in TWIYEH. It’s a little bit more adult oriented.  It usually updates on Fridays but is currently on hiatus while I focus on finishing other work.

Cuanta Vida was a fancomic I wrote and drew based on Team Fortress 2. It ran from 2008 to 2011 and is complete.

The Rift was my first comic ever. It’s a heavily anime inspired space fantasy and ran from late 2003 to early 2010 and was never completed.