I had never intended this site to contain a blog but seeing as twitter is going how it’s going it seems like a good idea to start posting on a platform I control. I’ll try to use this for art and sketches and the like. Recently I’ve been quite into the Final Fantasy XIV fandom so expect a lot of drawings of my character and favorite NPCs for a while. I’ve also been having a drought of commissions work so I’ve been filling the time with fanart and writing.

Here’s a recent drawing of Artoirel and Stephanivien, two characters I’m quite fond of. Their clothes are inspired by their in game outfits but are my own design.

God, if I’m going to be blogging here I need to decide what the tone should be. I’ve tried to keep my portfolio site fairly formal and professional at least by my own standards but the truth of the matter is I am a gremlin.